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The real shimpy - March 27th, 2012 23:53 GMT

------ QUOTE from  Tamarindo, March 27th, 2012 19:36  GMT ------
SM and the Force will sort it out. His '92 team currently all play D1 college ball and most contribute significantly. As I remember, that team had a brutal merge as well and there was some fall out as well.

Once the dust settled and some were moved off the team, they went on to 5 state cup finals, 1 surf cup final, 2 West Regional finals and a national championship.

Hang in there De Anza, it will work out for you, especially if the parents are helpful versus disruptive.
------ QUOTE END ------

I cannot see this happening with the remaining group.  They attracted no one to their tryouts, and have not replaced the players that have left.  At U17 age group with MVLA, Santa Rosa coming on board in ECNL..DEANZA will be in the bottom group!
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