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Blues99 - January 17th, 2013 21:12 GMT

Not a good weekend for soccer especially from a spectators point of view.  The 97s had 4 games.  1 loss and 3 ties.  Their loss was probably their best played soccer but  conditions were horrible over the weekend.  The game temperature for 3 of those games were in the high 30's and low 30's for the other game.  I don't think I ever remember a colder tournament.  Very winding as well.  8 out of the 9 goals scored during our games came in the same direction.  Two of them came off our goal kicks that barely made it to the 18.  The other teams were able to take better advantage of the weather conditions than us.  A lot of injuries too.  I believe 5 of our girls got injured including 3 of the 6 Regional players on the team.  One of them, our center back was injured 10 minutes into the first game and couldn't play the rest of the tournament.  Another regional/national player, our left back, could only play for the first half of our first game and 10 minutes of game #3. 
Over all I still think this group has more talent than any other 97 Cal North team, but even if the playing conditions were perfect it was clear that they need more time+ playing together to be on the same page.  ODP should pick the teams a couple months before to give them time to practice together or play a few scrimmages before making the trip. 
Sunday was a good day for them since they got to spend a few hours at the Strip.

Congrats to the three Cal North girls that made the "All Tournament Team".  One from the 97', 98' and 00'.  I'm a proud dad as my daughter made it for the 2nd year in a row.
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