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mtnlady - December 22nd, 2010 00:01 GMT

As for defense I could write a book on that, way too much for here. I find at tryouts though virtually no players have much in the way of defensive training so I resort to looking for their speed/quickness and most important -- their pyshological make up. Aggressive, determined, team focused, physical (but not out of control), intelligent.

As for grading each player, positional groups (FBs, MFs, Forwards) and the team as a whole there are so many variables I don't even try to break it down. I just give each player, group and the team as a whole a grade and then explain why. Suffice to say that a positional group doesn't get a very good grade until they have learned to work well together (pressure, support, cover, reading space, communication, switches, playing facing and not chasing etc...). Individual players I'm looking for movement (playing with their feet), channeling and staying inside goal side (especially the fullbacks, mids you could be doing something different at the older ages). Playing facing and not chasing (quick drop etc..). Foot skills, air skills etc. all come into play as well because they need to stop the ball. Aggressive, jumping passes etc... the list is long so I just put one grade on them and then explain why. In my mind I know what I'm looking for for each level (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced etc.).
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