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ManU - December 20th, 2010 21:43 GMT

atrain - put together an evaluaion which covers 4 different parts of their game - teachnical, tactical, athleticism, psychological.

under each of those heading have specific subtopics such as dribbling, striking, passing, receiving for technical

then at each of those subtopics have an area where the coach can write in something they do well and an area they need to work on.  emphasize it is an area to work on and not that they're bad at it, beacuse honestly i can watch a professional game and pick things out they're bad at.

ask the coaches to meet with the player and parent up to age 14 and then it needs to be player and coach only in a public setting of course like before and after practice or game. Encouage the coach to discuss things directly with the player and allow the parent to ask questions afterwards. i'm trying not to be too captain obvious, but i know some coaches who don't realize not to meet with a player by themselves no matter what the age.
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