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futballinator - October 25th, 2012 21:16 GMT

"To be fair to the USA Stars.  They are clearly the top U11G team in Nor Cal.  I don't think that can be disputed.  They tend to use Guest Players when they travel down south to play in the big events.  This is not unheard of throughout the many clubs.  The Stars have absolutely no reason to "stack" their team when playing U11G Nor Cal"

Historically they have been the best team.  Have both seen and played against them in multiple tournaments this year including SoCal blues.  Have yet to see them without that very talented  striker from Ajax except when they played a tight 2-1 game against Ajax (which the stars won--great game). Stars lost some EDUSA talent this year, not the top talent, but solid players and athletes.  So I think it will be very interesting NEXT year to see if the stars are able to maintain and/or grow their depth. 

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