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mommystop - February 03rd, 2013 16:29 GMT

If Nor Cal puts the _U12 age brackets on fields too small for U11 year olds for the semi and quarter finals then its really anyones game. The fields we played on for the second round were a joke they were so small. We've played on nice big fields all year long and they give us ones that some of the girls could throw the ball in the goal on a throw in practically! It really favors kickball over skill and makes it much more likely a lucky break will decide a game. 

That being said I think FCA will hand it to Mustang. I predict a 2-0 victory for them. The Holmes Love game will be interesting. It will come down to who shows up that morning. The two teams are very evenly matched. San Juan is going to have a great team next year combining the strongest of the two teams. If you judge by performance only I think FCA is the team to beat. Holmes is looking for a 4th year in a row repeat championship and Love wants to prove they can beat Holmes when it matters.  Its going to come down to which set of girls WANTS it the most and really any of these games with the final four could easily go to PKs. If Norcal sticks us on the small fields again then all bets are off and it comes down to lucky break aways and not skill or athleticism. Those small fields might even set up an upset in the semi finals. Those top 4 teams lose their advantage on a smaller field.
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