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norcalrising - September 03rd, 2012 18:32 GMT
Edited by norcalrising on September 03rd, 2012 18:40 GMT

Saw the SRU Thunder over the weekend in the SRU Nike Cup and they steamrolled the competition all the way to a 7-0 thrashing of ARFC 03 to win the tournament. My daughter is a U9 and they played the Santa Rosa Huricanes and got shalacked by them. The Huricanes went on to win the tournament not giving up one goal in the process.

One of the reasons that SRU is so successful is that their Comp teams start at U8 and those teams usually play in the silver or bronze U9 divisions. That gives the team an advantage over alot of clubs once the team is a true U9 club. Several programs in Nor Cal are starting to move in that direction.  I know almost all the So Cal teams are developing their teams at an early age. There are some clubs that have U7-U8 academies developing kids but starting at U8 it might be more productive to  challenge the team by playing them up.

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