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Lurker - January 31st, 2007 19:00 GMT

------ QUOTE from  bajjio, January 31st, 2007 01:53  GMT ------
We are not affiliated with a big club and it seems to be a requirement at this point for Super Y.  Things have been changing on this scene a lot lately and I'd like to hear some opinions about why it should be a serious consideration.
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Super Y-League is focused totally on soccer clubs and not on individual teams (no matter how good they might be). With Super Y, USL appears to be trying to establish a national system of "elite" soccer leagues for "elite" soccer clubs. the vote is still out on how successful this venture will actually be...

Specifically regarding your question, if you are an independent team (in a club/league that does not have a Super Y-League presence), then you will not be able to participate. If you join a club that is linked in to Super Y, then you will no longer be an independent team (in all senses of that word). I would suggest that the NorCal spring league would provide your team with a good alternative to Super Y, at least at the younger ages. It, like Super Y, is a spring league. It also provides a wider scope of teams to play (from all over NorCal, not just your local district). 

There appears to be a change taking place with regard to how youth soccer is structured (locally and nation-wide).  More and more, the elite players and teams are migrating to the larger clubs. For these clubs, the extra administrative headaches of Super Y make sense. They want to compete on the national stage (not just as teams, but as clubs). There is a lot of money and prestige (and egos) involved.
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