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soccer4kids - December 06th, 2008 08:07 GMT
Edited by soccer4kids on December 06th, 2008 08:08 GMT

There is a very simple explanation for what happened to the U11s and State Cup.  NorCal decided this year to go "toe to toe" with CYSA and scheduled an obligatory two weekends of NorCal State Cup for the last 2 weekends of January and quarter-finals (in which all teams participate) for Feb 7th.  This directly conflicted with the preliminaries of CYSA State Cup.  This was done on purpose (admitted by NorCal) to get teams and clubs to make a choice.  Most decided to go with NorCal and therefore had to decline to do State Cup -- and as a result, most registered for NorCal fall league rather than CYSA.  There was a lot of discussion within and among clubs regarding this decision, with many waiting to see who would "jump ship" next before making the decision.  Ironically, NorCal has now told the U11s they can play these 3 second round games "any time" between Dec. 5th and Jan. 25th -- now that it is too late to do CYSA fall league and sign up for State Cup.  Very strategic way to help clubs move away from CYSA.  Some clubs kept a toe in both, however, with "A" teams playing in NorCal and "B" teams in CYSA...
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