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lunita - January 19th, 2013 17:19 GMT

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------ QUOTE from  lunita, January 17th, 2013 14:28  GMT ------
To the "not in Norcal in CYSA district 6 list", I think you can add East Sacramento, Prospectors and Capital Valley United.  They each have some pretty strong ( top silver and silver elite) teams in certain age brackets.
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Stating East Sac and CVU have strong teams is foolish. They might be decent on occasions.  CVU is experiencing some internal issues
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Note the wording. SOME PRETTY STRONG teams.  East Sac's U9 &U10 girls teams very some of the best in CYSA this past season, and CVU had some teams in certain age groups too -- U10 boys, U11 girls, U12 boys and U14 girls, I think?  I don't think either is on its way to Norcal Premier any time soon. 
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