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iam737 March 03rd, 2013 18:02 GMT Print this post

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A few points:  
(1) "IF" your child is an exceptional player, he/she WILL be quickly identified and pursued by Clubs - if the player is that good, he/she could likely play for free.
(2) "IF" college soccer is your child's number #1 "goal", be prepared (if at all) to likely play at a school where the kid would likely not choose to attend if soccer were not in the equation. So many players end up playing at D2 and D3 schools . . . the same schools they would NEVER have on their wish list; the school may or may not even have a decent program re: their major.
(3) Put the money away to pay for college
(4) NCAA Women's (NC) champs had 3 walk-ons!  
(5) Be smart about how you spend your money.
(6) Most local coaches, at good programs are friends (even coaches themselves) with coaches at nearby colleges/universities, believe me, if there is a good player on a local club team, all the nearby college/university coaches/scouts know that player well. Why do you think so many college programs have several local players on their squad? If your child is playing on a strong Premier team around the Bay Area, for example, and if he/she is an exceptional player, Stanford, SCU, SJSU, CAL, etc., know of the player already.

Not trying to be a downer, but I have sent several players to college/University, most ended up going to schools that they would never attend if not for soccer (and they still have to pay to attend). Save to pay the money to attend a D1 school or pay the money to fly all over as a U14 to end up at a D2 or D3 school (maybe). Everyone thinks their kid could go off and get a scholarship and play, check out the stats, there is very little money for most programs to give. If your kid is good enough to play D1, he/she would already be (U14) receiving offers to play for (the best for free) for a very strong program.  

I just laugh my a$$ off when parents tell me that their kid's team flew down to the Surf Cup to play in the B group! What a waste of money! Most parents don't even know that there is an "invite" group and the other groups are there to fill the Club's bank account. As someone said, it's all about $$. Every year there's another "Elite" level or National Division, or . . . blah, blah . . . it's called marketing. Sure, all this could pay off, but it's a gamble, whereas, money in the bank, is money in the bank.

I'm not saying I disagree with all this, just playing devil's advocate to an extent and sharing some insight from experience.
PM: iam737
iam737 March 03rd, 2013 18:14 GMT Print this post

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Quoted from: futballinator, March 03rd, 2013 17:40  GMT
Ah yes, never underestimate the draw of friends for the U13 and under set!
Ah, yes, agreed! I have seen so many players' development be capped by staying back with their friends. It's tough. However, I guess it proves that the ones that are focused on "soccer", focus on soccer. Of course, a level of maturity must be reached as well for kids (especially girls) to make a decision to leave their team to be surrounded by better players and/or a better coach. It's unfortunate to see a player decide to stay on their B team, for instance, with friends, only to lose out on a year of (better) development.
PM: iam737
TJSoccer March 04th, 2013 18:49 GMT Print this post

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Quoted from: D6SoccerD&C, March 03rd, 2013 16:43  GMT
Others decided not to come out due to their concerns over the crazy financial commitment which is non existent for the age groups so far from what I have seen.

I think that is the issue that SJSC needs to address.  In district 6, the SJSC brand is much stronger than the ECNL brand.  Many more people know about SJSC than they do about ECNL.   Those that know about ECNL identify the brand with greater competition, college placement, and higher costs.  In the future, the Jr ECNL may be identified with higher competition, but that isn't the case currently (College placement is a nonstarter at U12 and higher costs are a negative).  Still, at those age groups, I think parents are more concerned about development.  ECNL isn't a development program, its a competitive league.  SJSC needs to articulate the benefits of the Jr. ECNL league to the development of the child.  With the coach they have for that U12 b team, there shouldn't have been any problem filling the squad.  
PM: TJSoccer
lunita March 04th, 2013 19:41 GMT Print this post

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Quoted from: TJSoccer, March 04th, 2013 18:49  GMT
 Still, at those age groups, I think parents are more concerned about development.  ECNL isn't a development program, its a competitive league.  SJSC needs to articulate the benefits of the Jr. ECNL league to the development of the child.  With the coach they have for that U12 b team, there shouldn't have been any problem filling the squad.  

I just think there are just too many options at this age group -- right in Folsom, you have Folsom Select and ARFC competing for players.  Within a reasonable commute in every direction, you've got USA Stars, EDHSC, Ethos, Boca, Cap F.C., Fair Oaks, RCU and Sac United and who knows who else competing for portions of the population who might otherwise commute to San Juan (especially for a first team).  
PM: lunita
Top_Red March 04th, 2013 21:03 GMT Print this post

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MISSION:  The Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) was founded in 2009 to enhance the developmental experience of female youth soccer players in the United States through:

Improving the competitive environment through creation of a true national competitive league with multiple flights;
Improving the process for identifying elite female soccer players for the U.S. Soccer youth national teams through a systematic scouting and identification program based on national competitions; and
Improving the daily training environment at top female youth soccer clubs through developing best practices and training and organizational guidelines for its member clubs.  
Development is defiantly at the forefront of the program
PM: Top_Red
eastbaysoccer March 04th, 2013 22:13 GMT Print this post

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This message was edited by eastbaysoccer on March 04th, 2013 22:15 GMT

I believe your dd's will develop more  if they practice and play against the best competition available on a consistent basis.  Whether this will occur at the pre ECNL level is debatable.  If you are on a team that provides this level of competition then there is no reason to move to a pre-ECNL team.

PM: eastbaysoccer
Hooked002 March 04th, 2013 22:37 GMT Print this post

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Quoted from: Top_Red, March 04th, 2013 21:03  GMT
Development is defiantly at the forefront of the program

Not in any measurable way.  ECNL says it wants to develop, but leaves it to the clubs to do development in any way the club wants.  There is no penalty for poor development and no reward for good development. This is not to say a player cannot develop in the ECNL universe, but credit the club/coach not any specific requirement of ECNL.
PM: Hooked002
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