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soccerplyr April 05th, 2012 15:05 GMT Print this post

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Sorry to bring this story forward.  From local .patch, also in Mercury news.  Please forward to people who can help, contact info at the end of the article.  

The ongoing investigation of the tech engineer and youth soccer coach arrested March 21 and charged with having sex with a 13-year-old girl, may take a few weeks to unfold, according to the District Attorney’s office.

Emanuele Fabrizio, 36, a PayPal engineer and coach for West Valley Youth Soccer League, was arrested at his Sunnyvale apartment Wednesday morning and arraigned on March 23 on 12 counts, among them sexual abuse of a minor, lewd acts on a child, distribution of lewd material and a charge of possession of child pornography related to the 13-year-old he is accused of having sex with.

Fabrizio is not a registered sex offender and has no record, but was arrested in 2006 for misdemeanor battery, arising from a domestic dispute, Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Marisa McKeown said.

Police obtained search warrants for Fabrizio’s apartment the day he was arrested, and McKeown expects to get more details on Friday of what was found in the search.

Acting on a March 13 tip from the girl’s father who was concerned about the relationship that developed with Fabrizio, an Italian native, police moved on what was “suspicious” information found by the father, Sunnyvale Capt. David Verbrugge said.

Fabrizio’s bail was set at $1.5 million, based on the accumulative amounts of the charges filed against him.

West Valley Youth Soccer League serves youth in the communities of Cupertino, West San Jose, Campbell, Saratoga, and Los Gatos. Fabrizio also gave private soccer coaching sessions outside of his work with WVYSL. Police are still working to determine if there are other victims.

"He's been a youth coach for a while, so we don't know if there are any other victims but if there are, we'd like them to step forward," Verbrugge said.

Anyone with more information related to the case is asked to call Detective Michael Mendoza at (408) 730-7130. Anyone wishing to leave an anonymous tip may do so via email at SVTIP@tipnow.org.

PM: soccerplyr
eastbaysoccer April 05th, 2012 16:21 GMT Print this post

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No way I let my dd go to any ECNL event w/o a parent.
PM: eastbaysoccer
Toneib April 05th, 2012 17:03 GMT Print this post

Global Moderator

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EBS, this is not about an ECNL event, this was a horrific act right in our own backyards! If you think sending your child anywhere with an adult will keep her safe from harm, then you really need to open your eyes.  

This is about a predator who took his position of authority to coerce a minor. This is about a predator who seems to have fooled a lot of parents into believing that he was safe for their DDs to be around. This is about a predator who used his position of authority and took advantage of a child. This was an act of opportunity.  

The most important lesson coming out of this is telling your DDs to always be aware of the people they are around. Coaches, teachers, friends are obviously not above suspicion. Teach them to say no to anything they are not comfortable with and report it to us immediately. And, as parents, we need to listen and be aware of any change of attitude (no matter how insignificant it may seem) and do everything to give our DDs the power to protect themselves.
PM: Toneib
zona4eva April 05th, 2012 18:31 GMT Print this post

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Sad situation all around.
PM: zona4eva
itsonlyagame April 18th, 2012 20:55 GMT Print this post

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It brings up a good point.  Clubs and Leagues are already having coaches, asst coaches and trainers fingerprinted for background checks.  I know Leagues like American River, River City, Elk Grove and Placer are all doing this.  I know many smaller clubs are not.
It's only $10 a coach.  Although it will not catch first time offenders, it will raise a red flag with anyone who has a history with the legal system.  WHAT IS YOUR CLUB AFFRAID OF  It is up to you as parents to force the issue with your clubs/leagues.
remember, its only a game!
PM: itsonlyagame
Soccernut May 22nd, 2012 00:55 GMT Print this post

Global Moderator

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Our club fingerprints and checks up on all new coaches regardless of their local credentials.  This includes any adult who coaches or serves as a trainer.  No exceptions.   I don't understand how a young person ends up alone with an adult in an unsupervised setting.   None of the mom's of my players would ever put their kids in a situation like that nor would I allow it.
The (Soccer) Nut
PM: Soccernut
olsoccamama January 12th, 2013 01:43 GMT Print this post

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The leagues have been sued according to Mercury News.  
-we are not playing a fixed length game
PM: olsoccamama
olsoccamama January 12th, 2013 01:45 GMT Print this post

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Quoted from: olsoccamama, January 12th, 2013 01:43  GMT
The leagues have been sued according to Mercury News.  


Sorry I can't work this editor very well.
-we are not playing a fixed length game
PM: olsoccamama
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