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Toneib - February 15th, 2013 16:45 GMT

Just to put a little perspective into our lives before tryout madness hits next week. This is a case where life is certainly more important than soccer!

http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/katiehawley (Katie Hawley's) cancer is back. Diagnosed after Surf Cup 2009, she had been NED since December 2009. 

Many of the U13 girls/parents might remember her noted absence with the SoCal Blues at the 2009 Mustang Stampede. In a true show of solidarity, a member of the Mustang Pride made, and handed out, hair ribbons to each of the teams to wear to show support. The tribute touched the coach so much, she called the Mustang offices to thank them for the tribute.

Going into the finals this weekend, maybe all of the U13 NorCal Girls teams can pay tribute to Katie. Something simple, yet important, like wearing tape with #3 on a cleat. Or wearing a hair ribbon in her current team colors light blue and white. Do what you feel is appropriate, but most important...hug your healthy DD and say a prayer for Katie.
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