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92admin - February 14th, 2013 06:59 GMT

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If a kid is on an ECNL team and gives a verbal prior to their senior year, then why wouldn't the parent remove them from the ECNL team?  Certainly their college coach doesn't want them tempted at the showcase events.  And the parents wouldn't want to shell out anymore money than necessary.  Why not move to another club and avoid the travel and the cost? 
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The simple answer is this: Competition. If your child played in an ECNL league, the competition was most likely superior to what you would get elsewhere. You want her playing at a high level all the way up to the day she reports for college ball. It's a fairly significant leap and she won't be prepared if she isn't playing tough competition all the way through.

As for being tempted at showcase events, two things: 1) teams usually issue a pamphlet to coaches that shows which players are already committed and to which university so this precludes that temptation, and 2) most coaches expect that if you have committed to them, temptation is not an issue. Do de-commits happen? Sure, but they expect you to honor your agreement until you give them reason to believe otherwise.
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