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wdrkb - November 09th, 2012 03:25 GMT

------ QUOTE from  Tika Taka, November 06th, 2012 22:39  GMT ------
Did hear that Manteca was playing with it's normal roster but also heard Mustangs were down several players who had injuries. 

Also heard there was a red card call that wasn't made on the Manteca keeper and several stall/flop tactics to waste time on their part as well.  +10 minutes or so but no stoppage time?

We all know how rumors get started but sure would hate to think those types of tactics are being taught at that age.  Is it wrong to play the game right anymore?
------ QUOTE END ------

?? Nice excuse making.  I thought Mustang and their fans were better than don' that.  Tick Tac you don't know what the hell you are talking about.  Come back whem you are ready to talk facts as opposed to what you "heard".
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