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20sDad - September 01st, 2012 06:06 GMT

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The SRU Thunder a prety good team.  How is it that SR is putting out so many good teams?  It's not like you are drawing talent from the outside, right?

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Our girls just lost to them in the Mustang Stampede final 3-4. Yes, very talented team. Their center mid has great ball skills, the left striker has superb speed, and they have several kids who can really touch the ball. Plus two big, strong kids at D.

I should add that their coach exhibited the most sportsmanlike behavior in a post-game awards ceremony I have ever seen, sending a different player to shake each of our girls' hands as medals were handed out. Really a pleasant and welcome gesture and so rare in our hyper-competitive age.

Santa Rosa's usually one of the stronger clubs. Maybe not at all age groups but they usually have a few teams that do very well. I don't know if they do much SoCal travel, though, which might limit their ability to keep their top talent as they get into the olders.
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Great coach and team but I'm suprised you haven't seen the handshake thing before... it's pretty common from my experience. 
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