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4thejoy - December 09th, 2011 13:05 GMT

As I understand it, big controversy going on in the school.  Seems a few parents, whose daughters did not even play on the varsity team, but who contribute big $$$ to the school, have influenced a mid-level school bureaucrat to not renew the contract of Rick Carrigan, SF's Nationally Ranked coach.  Rumor has it they want to bring in a coach who will select their daughters to the varsity squad that they cannot otherwise make. 

Rick's ostensible crime, as reported, is that he told a girl during a game to "Kick the damned ball."  Apparently, this is the use of "profanity."  Sounds like political correctness gone mad!  The decision may yet be reversed (if there is any justice) as the facts become available for greater scrutiny.  In the interim, I understand the positions are being advertised--so for you coaches out there, unless you are perfect saints during every passionate moment in the World's most passionate game, good luck if you take this job!
mikebarca - January 20th, 2012 01:40 GMT

any news here?
fanofthegame - February 01st, 2012 04:42 GMT

As I understand it, all three coaches were let go.  Rick (Varsity), Rudy (JV) and Steve (Freshman).  Tryouts begin Monday and no announcements have been made, to either the parents or the athletes, who the coaches will be.  I sure hope they have hired someone by now.
edparent - February 01st, 2012 17:07 GMT

The new coach is a parent of a player at the school.  They thought they had problems before....
fanofthegame - February 01st, 2012 17:23 GMT

Website shows:

Head Varsity Soccer Coach: Chuck Barr 

Head JV Soccer Coach: Marco Ramirez 

Head Freshman Coach: Justin Boyer 

Apparently Chuck Barr was at Rocklin HS.  Marco Ramirez played at Sac State and for Cal Cougars.  Don't know about any coaching experience.  Justin Boyer has coached at EDU.

soccerfan916 - February 02nd, 2012 18:10 GMT

It will be interesting to see how this season goes.  Rick (Varsity), Rudy (JV) were let go and Steve (Freshman) decided not to return.  It is very unfortunate that a couple parents, who's daughters did not play on varsity team, can complain and cost someone their job. 
sweeper - February 06th, 2012 23:21 GMT

Sorry to disagree with "4thejoy" but that is not the story that I have heard. I was told that this has been building for years and repeated requests to tone down the profanity had been ignored.
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