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fanofthegame - October 07th, 2012 18:01 GMT

1.  That same comment could apply to probably all of the top ten teams in Northern California.  They all have a great day now and then.  But consistency is key, and I have not seen it from San Juan.

2.  All of the top teams in Northern California have a lot of players that can play in college if they want to.

3.  Agreed, no disrespect intended to the San Juan players.  I think the tournament shows disrespect to the players on the other club  teams that were not admitted, who (IMHO) are more deserving than the San Juan team. 

I don't know who applied and who didn't, but I think Shock, Marin, Lamorinda, Boca and Davis would have been better selections.  Especially when one considers the exposure that most of the San Juan players have already had to college coaches through their ECNL journey.
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