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justgowithit - March 23rd, 2012 23:41 GMT

Luv all the comments - I am a single mom with no opinion one way or the other. However, I do live within my means, I understand how to budget and I always pay my way. If people are living in multi million dollar homes and driving expensive cars and can't meet their obligations - they need to downsize and live within their means and stop mooching - Entitlement attitudes are just wrong!
Secondly, I have many freinds who are parents/coaches and I have made observations. The information I shared is coming directly from them. MVLA mom seems a little preturbed about her precious MVLA players and her coach (which I have the upmost respect for). Why don't you ask the MVLA parents who's players played for St. Francis High School about the SF coaches calling out this particular person last year due to all the negativety by the mom. Pattern?- Enough Said! Thirdly, word from DeAnza families is they feel bad for the player but consensus is player should have been cut 6 months ago due to negativity of mom. Quite happy now and team can move forward with positive energy! Imagine- a Free ride, player played the entire game, coach that was nothing but good to them, college exposure to 100+ college coaches.... What more can a family ask for? Yet with all these wonderful things happening still Ungrateful ..... who is shameful now?
It is ashame about certain parents living vicarisouly through their kids. It's not like there is big future after college for a woman soccer player.......
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