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mtnlady - August 21st, 2012 13:51 GMT

------ QUOTE from  Blues99, August 21st, 2012 00:59  GMT ------
It depends on the weather.  Last year it was a great tournament.  It was sunny and not cold.  The year before I believe a lot of the games went straight to pks because of so much rain.  competition its good and the kids have fun building their Halloween displays.  Give it a try and hope that it doesn't rain.
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Our girls will always remember the year we played our final game at the boofest with 90% of the field under 2-4+" of water and mud. The other team found the one dry spot on the field to warm up and we decided to do exactly the opposite and go to the deapest part of the mud 'lake' and have a blast. We had to hose off the girls (literally) after the 'game' just so they could get back into the cars.

I just wish they kept the 'boo fest' going for the older ages as they girls had a blast.
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