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First Touch - July 14th, 2010 07:36 GMT


thoughts now that it is July?
fanoffutbal - August 02nd, 2010 04:51 GMT

------ QUOTE from  D6_USCLUB, July 28th, 2010 17:58  GMT ------
Well, it looks like NORCAL Girls League ended-up with very few teams: only 19 Premier teams within the GU15 - GU16 - GU17 range - GU16 only has 5! 
Under 14 Girls - Gold

27374342 Ajax United East Bay 97G (Ca) 
21595714 Ceres Earthquake FC CenCal 97G (CA) 
27036653 Davis Legacy Soccer Club Davis Legacy 97 Heat 
28565884 Odyssey South G96 Black (CA) 
27593045 SCA 97 girls (Ca) 
27906701 Stockton Storm FC 97 (CA) 

Under 14 Girls - Silver 3/4/5

26953756 Atletico Santa Rosa CHAOS (Ca) 
27449959 Central Marin United Silver '97 (CA) 
20898095 E.C. United Soccer Club Synergy (CA) 
21502664 SCA 97GN (Ca) 
28175804 SRU Cyclones (CA) 
21529723 Tri Valley SC Strikers 

Under 14 Girls - Silver 6/7/8 NW

28212918 Butte United Soccer Club Barracudas (CA) 
28191177 California Rush Soccer Club Nike 97 Girls (ca) 
20996382 Capital Athletic Soccer Academy Boca 96G (ca) 
28156040 Placer United Soccer Club Prestige 97 Girls Black 
20844554 Sacramento United Spitfire (CA) 
28254138 San Juan Soccer Club Spirits 97 White (CA) 

Under 14 Girls - Silver 6/7/8 SE

28706369 Cal Odyssey U14 GW (ca) 
21166660 El Dorado United Eclipse 97 (CA) 
27248777 Elk Grove Academy FC Illusion 
27462505 Galt FC Heat United (CA) 
21205778 Inter Rage Academy of Soccer SOL (CA) 
21298972 Tracy Futbol Club Tracy Triumph (CA) 
Under 15 Girls - Premier

26737502 Capital Athletic Soccer Academy Boca 95 (ca) 
26966604 Davis Legacy Soccer Club Velocity (CA) 
26851742 El Dorado United Eclipse 96 (CA) 
27090613 Elk Grove Academy FC Demolition (CA) 
27481724 Inter Rage Academy of Soccer IMPACT (CA) 
20973843 MFC Arsenal (CA) 
20998047 Sacramento United Extreme (CA) 
28254070 San Juan Soccer Club Spirits 96 Blue (CA) 

Under 15 Girls - Gold

21312471 Alliance FC Diamonds (CA) 
27537298 Cap FC United 95G (CA) 
26873429 Davis Legacy Soccer Club Davis Legacy Legends 
27480912 Inter Rage Academy of Soccer Thunder (CA) 
26867528 MFC Arsenal Red (CA) 
26802621 NCSA 96G Premier (CA) 
28174824 Pacific FC GU15 (CA) 
28254639 San Juan Soccer Club Spirits 96 White (CA) 
26819970 Woodland Soccer Club Starz (CA) 
Under 16 Girls - Premier

21144530 Cal Cougars California Cougars (CA) 
28047155 Davis Legacy Soccer Club 95 (CA) 
27481945 Inter Rage Academy of Soccer Shock 94 (CA) 
28187964 Placer United Soccer Club Prestige 95 Girls Black
28473251 SCA 95 girls (Ca) 

Under 16 Girls - Gold

26818445 Alliance FC Devils 94 (CA) 
27536992 Cap FC United '94G (CA) 
26749019 Capital Athletic Soccer Academy Boca 94G (ca) 
21167013 Elk Grove Academy FC Elk Grove NorCal 
26816595 MFC Vipers (CA) 
28970447 Newark Soccer Club Newark Mayhem (CA) 
27064387 Stockton Monarcas FC Barcelona 
28093353 Stockton Storm FC 95 (CA) 
27526491 Woodland Soccer Club Woodland United 95 (CA) 
Under 17 Girls - Premier

21312429 Alliance FC Devils 93 (CA) 
21396839 Cap FC CAP FC93 (CA) 
28002621 Davis Legacy Soccer Club Davis Legacy Shock 94 
26772332 El Dorado United Eclipse '94 (CA) 
28198733 Placer United Soccer Club Prestige 94 Girls Black 
29276591 SCA 94g (Ca) 

Under 17 Girls - Gold

26869709 Davis Legacy Soccer Club U17 white (CA) 
27482170 Inter Rage Academy of Soccer Edge (CA) 
26866463 MFC Dynasty (CA) 
27140745 MFC United (CA) 
28055569 NBEFC '93G Blue - REAL MADRID (CA) 
28011764 Sacramento United U17G Extreme (CA)
------ QUOTE END ------

I don't think there is much more to say.  There seems to be several newer clubs and in some cases several regions to make a viable league.  If I'm not mistaken, a team or two that are registered in both CCSL and NorCal Premiere.  Shall be interesting to see how scheduling works and how Nor Cal reacts.
First Touch - August 03rd, 2010 05:19 GMT

The new CYSA league is definitely viable and has more numbers...there are also several D1 teams who made the switch and those who did not....are there representatives out there who would make an argument either for or against the option they chose and why? BTW, newer clubs are awesome as they keep everyone on their toes but the newer teams do have a higher hurdle to jump then some..nais pas?
Everton - April 24th, 2012 02:44 GMT

Only getting worse in 2012! Can't believe the lack of competition in the U16B State Cup (other age groups as well). No wonder teams such as Santa Clara Sporting can win it 3 and 4 times in a row, ZERO competition. Sad very sad!
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