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Lurker - December 05th, 2008 18:57 GMT

From U12 and up, B teams might be a factor. The fact that every age/gender is down at least a little indicates something...

For U11, there are some major A teams that are not playing. Teams for this age from the same club last year did play. If you take a look at the NorCal Premier Fall league, this might explain things. Teams that do not play in a CYSA fall league cannot sign up to play in State Cup. There were 53 teams playing in the NorCall boys U11 division (Premier or Gold). There were 46 U11 girls teams playing in NorCal. Most of these teams, I would think, are not even registered under CYSA. 

It's hard to take away something that somebody has experienced and is used to. It may be hard to sell the idea of not playing State Cup to teams that played previously. For the older aged teams (at least from the comments on this forum), State Cup is the ONLY thing teams consider important. New teams that have never been there and done that won't know what they are missing (or at least the parents wont).
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