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Lurker - December 05th, 2008 17:12 GMT

There has been an interesting development this year in the CYSA State Cup that has pretty much been under everybody's radar. Over all team numbers for the younger age groups are down compared to last year. For U12 and U13 age groups (boys and girls) there isn't a big difference. For the U11 age group, the decrease in the number of teams is significant. Here is how this year's and last year's numbers look


2008 - 56
2009 - 16


2008 - 63
2009 - 32


2008 - 62
2009 - 55


2008 - 59
2009 - 56


2008 - 71
2009 - 60


2008 - 64
2009 - 60

Overall, 96 fewer teams are playing State Cup this year in the younger age groups. The cost to register for the State Cup tournament went up this year, but not enough to offset this loss in revenue to CYSA. More important than that, however, is the HUGE reduction in teams in the U11 age category. In particular, notice the absence of some of the bigger names in youth soccer in NorCal (e.g., Mustang). Is this the start of a new trend? Is it a logical extension of the creation of a viable NorCal Premier Fall League? Inquiring minds want to know...
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