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Lurker - December 05th, 2008 21:12 GMT

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My daughter's U12 team is staying home from State Cup this year.  Our feeling is that they might go back as a U13 or U14, but at this age the girls are better served with a break for other sports or playing small-sided winter league.  I guess we fit into the "B" team agenda.

With respect to Norcal - many of our parents believe that Norcal is strictly for top 20 elite teams and wouldn't offer good playing opportunity for a mid-tier Abronzino team.  If Norcal wants to expand they might consider some PR to encourage teams like our to try their spring league - maybe reaching out to coaches. 
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For the U11 age groups, there were Premier and Gold divisions for the NorCal Fall league. For the U12 age groups, there were not enough teams for this (boy's and girls only had a Gold division). For anything older than U12, there aren't that many teams participating. My impression is that NorCal is focused on Clubs rather than Teams. Since the bigger clubs usually have an A and B team (sometimes more), they need to provide options for both levels of play. For smaller (less organized) clubs and independent teams, it may be harder to fit.

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Doing away with the spring league double header games would help their cause, too.  That alone would be reason for us to stay with the spring CYSA league.
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Absolutely the double header format has to go... To a certain degree, they have this due to the limited number of teams from the same geography (a team traveling 2+ hours may want two games instead of one). Hopefully someone from NorCal reads this forum so that they can gain from the feedback...
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