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Mustang Dad - December 05th, 2008 23:10 GMT

Mustang has made a concious decision NOT to register any of this year's younger class 1 teams (U9-U11) with CYSA at all.  They have played their league seasons with US Club Soccer and are therefore ineligible to participate in State Cup.

By all accounts, the teams, parents, coaches and club leadership are universally very satisfied with how this has worked out.  Even with all its troubles and growing pains, competitively the NorCal leagues have been a much better experience.

It will be interesting to see if they extend this for next year's U12s.  At U12 and above the state cup winners are eligible to participate in Regionals.  Don't know if this will be enough of a reason to go back to CYSA.  It would also be interesting to see if they make a distinction with the A/B teams (as in only register the teams with a legit shot at Regionals in CYSA).  I certainly don't know, am not enough of an insider to influence, but it is interesting.
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