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FortheLoveoftheGame - December 17th, 2010 19:29 GMT

Interesting that they publicized this. I thought this issue was mostly dead when NorCal backed off of their exclusivity rules earlier this year and retracted the statements they had online at the time. 

Back on 4-25-10 at http://www.norcalpremier.com/home/387120.html they had posted a statement of Adjustments MAde to 2010 NorCal Premier Soccer Year Round League. That statement said, among other things, "Teams competing in either Phase #1/Fall or Phase #2/Spring of the Norcal Premier League will not be allowed to complete in another league at the same time. This rule has been implemented due to experience with teams who have tried to play in two leagues simultaneously - which caused not only scheduling difficulties but also exposed their players to an unhealthy number of games in a short period of time."

Within just a week that statement had been withdrawn and I had heard they were not going to try to enforce that. It appears though that ultimately they did try to do so and forced USSF to get involved to mediate the dispute. 

Its too bad this situation had to get to that level, or why NorCal felt they had to punish the kids, teams and clubs that wanted to participate with them and with CYSA both.
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