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mtnlady - January 16th, 2013 23:22 GMT
Edited by mtnlady on January 16th, 2013 23:29 GMT

I could be off however I believe the following to be true:

Which clubs from CCSL can play NORCAL in 2013 ? 

Note: it will be fun to see how these 'former select' clubs and their teams perform. We've already seen several of these teams crack into the top 32 of the red bracket of the Norcal State Cup even though it's the first or second year of Norcal play for the majority of them.

49er United (Auburn) --> YES
ARFC --> YES, via Fair Oaks
Azzurri --> YES 
El Dorado --> YES 
Elk Grove --> YES 
Eureka --> YES 
Fair Oaks --> YES
Folsom --> YES
Lincoln --> NO
Loomis --> YES 
RCU --> ??   
Fair Oaks --> YES although I hear there has been some issues with the 'powers that be' that they want the better players going to ARFC and thus there has been some push back concerning allowing Fair Oaks teams to be playing in the same venues as the ARFC teams.
Orangevale --> NO, unless they are also allowed to go through Fair Oaks?
Roseville --> NO, their teams may be allowed to play through CAL Blues for Norcal State Cup play. They probably can't play in the Norcal fall league?
SSA --> YES 
Stockton Storm --> YES

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