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soccer4kids - December 06th, 2008 17:23 GMT
Edited by soccer4kids on December 06th, 2008 17:27 GMT

------ QUOTE from  Mustang Dad, December 06th, 2008 16:40  GMT ------
I know with confidence that Mustang's decision was made LONG before Herb published his schedules for NorCal Cup...  But I also believe that NorCal probably used the 'but Mustang's doing it' argument to press back when people complained about the NorCal Cup scheduling.
------ QUOTE END ------

Absolutely right re NorCal.  Not only that, but "they wanted us to do it this way...." 

One very positive aspect for our "mid-level" U11 team is that with NorCal there are 2 rounds of "reseeding" and therefore a lot more games than CYSA state cup, where most teams are out after 3.  With NorCal you play 3, perhaps are "outclassed" significantly in 1 or 2 games, then are reseeded, get more competitive, and by the time quarter finals roll around (in which all teams participate) each team should be extremely competitive with the quarterfinal opponent.  Better for development, it seems, rather than a "winner take all" in the first bracket of play.
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