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Norcal9 - January 31st, 2013 23:05 GMT
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Time to start an ECNL thread.
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How do we parents from non-ECNL clubs get our girls a tryout at an ECNL club? Any limits on out-of-area players at any of your clubs? How about costs? Any ballpark figures to share? Worried about the level of competition next year if the talent from our foes from SRU, Mustang, San Juan, etc. leave our Norcal leagues...

Thanks in advance...
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At U14, 6000 dollars for us which includes training fees and travel. Can't speak for many of the clubs but RAGE has no border policy and is not shy about sending their residents to the 2nd team.  Mustang used to have a strict border policy but opened  it for u14. 

I would be curious to know how the sponsorship helps the San Juan program.  Lucky for them if they don't have to pay a cent.
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So the question is: what does everyone pay now on a non encl team? Manteca: approx 1300/yr for training, fields, refs and tournaments. Throw another 1000 in there for traveling. I feel like that is cheap? How does it compare to other clubs... Davis, placer, Barcelona, rays? 
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